Best Nine 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to give Gratitude who helped me out with my journey in food blogging world. My main companies present and past who made it possible because without a descent income I’m unable to afford my food trips and travels. Second, to those restaurants who believed in my skills and invited me directly with their luncheons or blogger’s meet up. Third is to Tarraco Group of companies (@bluesmithck n’ @barcinowine) who’s always sends me direct invites as well and made helped me being recognised by other food groups. Fourth, @eatsohkaye who referred me to @teybolforwan now my @seemslegeat Family and @foodiengr-@hungrymanila who always arranges food shoot events for us and always listing me whenever there’s one I really appreciated all of you guys. Fifth @marjstagrammer for adding me to the group @welovetoeatph and @johnbunag for the approval it means a lot to me!!! Sixth @zomatoph Family (Ms. Donna), @joannamejiaxx to Ms. @almacala1976 @chizbun. Seventh my 2.8K followers and likers who always interacts with all my posts ❤️and EVERYONE else’s who makes it fun and always excited to attend in Foodie Meet Up to my close blogger friends @sarahvibar @cathrainvibar @thedearchubby @theintrovertsouthie @friedandprejudice love you all guys!!! Welcome 2019 and more food reviews and shoots soon ❤️😋🎉🤗💞







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Author: Bernard Allan Z. Navarez

I am your Digital Nomad, Traveller, Foodie, Influencer and Mobile Photographer.

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