Another Japanese-Korean restaurant that offers nothing but good quality Samgyupsal, YOSHI-MEAT-SU at first I thought this is a Japanese restaurant because of Yoshi hahahaha and as I have checked it is a Korean Unlimited Grilling. They currently have a promo it usually starts at Php 549 and there’s a left over fee of Php 899. There unlimited package includes Yakiniku, with our case we were able to try “Classic Meat Platter” at Php 1,870.

*Sliced beef

*Sliced Beef (with Curry sauce)

*Spicy Yakiniku

*Sliced US Fatty Beef Yakiniku

*Herbed Pork

*Spicy Sliced Pork Bouquet

*Pork Intestine (Isaw)

*Chicken liver

*Wiener Sausage

Sides includes: (those we experienced)

*Seasoned egg


*Kyuri Salad


*Buta Dumplings

*Ebi Tempura

*California Maki

*Yoshi Ebi Maki

*Lettuce and


Also included on their Sides:

*Buttered Kimchi

*Gohan (Steamed rice)

*Kani Tempura


*Miso soup

*Kani Salad

Ice Cream (Taro, Sweet corn)

Lick (bottle drinks is on a separate order)


*Huckle Berry

*Giant Apple tea




Almost everything taste so great, and they also used gold platted utensils, glasses, pitcher, chopstick (flat) even water glass, and their exhaust pipe (Copper Gold) it looks so classy! They also use traditional coal for their griller. Ambience is also good it is just a bit not so spacious, though it has a mezzanine (2nd level) for more seats to accomodate as much customers. Take note upon arriving it has a queue you could tell this restaurant is doing well. Over all experience was great!


Author: Bernard Allan Z. Navarez

I am your Digital Nomad, Traveller, Foodie, Influencer and Mobile Photographer.

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