Uma Uma PH

We were invited to review Uma Uma Ph ‘s Family Lunch set which comprises of Ramen Choices, Don Choices, Choice of Side and Chouce of Ice-Cream and a generous serving you could choose both Hot or Cold Green tea.

We were served two Ramens:

🍜Spicy Chasiu Ramen

🍜Tonkotsu Ramen

They were both great tasting, very authentic yet in a very reasonable price especially they’re on a meal set. Is just that I will be very biased I love the Spicy Chasiu Ramen because I am a spicy person, it makes my appetite craving for more.

Don Choices:

🍛Karaage Don

🍛Chasiu Don

I also like them both, for the Karage some of group like it they just comment it was a bit toasted (super crunchy) but in my opinion thats how Karage works, I love it because it was not too salty unlike other Japanese Restaurant. Chasiu Don was well seasoned and tender


🍢One-Bite Gyoza

🍢Yaki Chasiu

Both were good, with Gyoza I don’t have to much expectation as for me they tasted all the same 😂 it will only differs in the soy sauce with Sesame oil (in Uma Uma’s case it was good)

Choice of Ice cream:

🍵Match Ice-cream with Azuki

🍵Goma Ice-cream with Azuki

I love them both also Im a Matcha fan and Goma tasted very distinct it reminds me of butchi because of the sesame this one only was black sesame.


I love Green tea better in hot though.

Just a friend reminder:

Lunch set is at P290 available 11:30am to 2:30pm on weekdays only (excluding public holidays)

Sets includes main course, side dish, green tea & ice cream. Choice of main course (1/2 portion ramen or Don ) add P145 to upsize to full portion ramen or don)


Author: Bernard Allan Z. Navarez

I am your Digital Nomad, Traveller, Foodie, Influencer and Mobile Photographer.

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