Shrimp in Black Olives Pasta

Recipe as follows:

Ingredients: Regular spaghetti pasta, olive oil, 2tbspn butter,garlic 4cloves, white onion big, fresh basil, black olives, parsley dried, salt n pepper to taste.

Boil pasta until al dente don’t forget to put cooking oil and salt, while doing such clean and de-vein the shirmp retain the tip of of it’s tail. Chop garlic and onion, drain the black olives. Once every ingredients are all prepared saute garlic onion in butter and olive oil, add dried parsley, put on the black olives and the chopped basil leaves for added aroma. Put the shrimp on as we don’t want it to overcooked it, makes it chewy. Don’t drain the pasta as some residuals will help to season and thicken the sauce, put it straight on the pan. Add salt n pepper check if you seasoned it well. Once done put it on a plate topped it with fresh basil leaves. 👌🏻👨🏼‍🍳😋


Author: Bernard Allan Z. Navarez

I am your Digital Nomad, Traveller, Foodie, Influencer and Mobile Photographer.

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