I had a memorable but great experience here! I arrived in the airport (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 Departure) by their airport buses which cost me MYR 10 it took us about 30mins to get their from Plaza Rakyat  station. I arrived too early, the check-in gate were still closed during that very moment. I was really confident that my checked-in baggage won’t be in excess, since it was still early I roam around and saw a weighing facility and it was for free unlike in Suvarnabhumi Airport  in Bangkok Thailand that each weigh cost Baht 10. And by the way the free hand carry should only be 7kgs and I’ve paid my checked-in baggage max of 15kgs, and finally everything was good and I don’t have anything in excess.

So the check-in gate was opened and a long queue went my way, when it was my turn finally, so as expected both luggage were weighed and there was no problem encountered. Particularly my check-in luggage weighed only 11.6kgs and my hand carry was 6.8kgs, I hoarded cartons of milk in Singapore about 6 of it because it only cost me SGD $1.35 per milk. Four those were in the checked-in luggage and two of it were in my hand-carry and I totally forgot that it is liquid and will be held before reaching the boarding gate. So the unexpected scenario happened, the officer asked me to put out the two milk I know it would be easier even practical just to let it go, however I recalled all the efforts I had carrying them and I cannot finish  2L of milk. So I decided to please them, so the officer asked me what time was my flight, and since I still got 2hours more they allowed me to speak with the check-in personnel, so I head back and been through many officer to explain my scenario. Upon talking to the check-in staff at first she thought I committed an excess item in my hand carry, initially she was charging me. My excuse was it is not just cartons of milk and I cannot just finish it.. hahaha because it is a special milk for my scoliosis (I really have scoliosis but the milk was just a regular German milk).

Then she told me my luggage is now on it’s way to our plane and she can no longer retrieve that to put the 2 cartons, and then finally we agreed that my hand carry will also be checked in, it was supposedly to charge but I let her realized that my original luggage only weigh 11.6kgs if we add 2L/kg  still there will be allowance and she checked on the data base that I am not lying so she let it checked in without charge. So I thank her, I told her “Thank you for your consideration” and smiled at her as a sign that I was relieved. img_4166


Author: Bernard Allan Z. Navarez

I am your Digital Nomad, Traveller, Foodie, Influencer and Mobile Photographer.

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